The Growth Series - Licensing and Partnership Strategy w/ 2Bio

Rhys Roberts and Charlotte Ward will help you to build an Intelectual Property ready for the growth of Startups through licensing and partnership.
In this workshop, Rhys and Charlotte from 2Bio, UK, will explore what should a researcher or startup consider when building their product IP, namely with a patent. They will explain what is important to consider not only to guarantee that the patent is granted, but that it is robust enough to pass a due diligence in a future license or partnership agreement. Do you have a patent? Check what should you do further to make sure it is valuable in the market. Are you filling for a patent? Learn what you should you check to prepare for the future.
Do you know Rhys and Charlotte? 
Rhys manages the operations of the Impact Science Team. His background includes scientific research in physiology and cell biology, in laboratories in the UK, Germany, Australia, Canada and USA, and positions with Origen Therapeutics Inc., a biotech start-up in San Francisco, and MerseyBIO, a technology incubation organisation in the UK. Rhys co-founded 2Bio with Geoff Wainwright, and he holds a number of directorships and advisory positions with companies in the UK and Internationally.
Chalorre is 2Bio’s Senior Business Consultant, with a background in Pharmacology research and 12 years of experience in commercialisation of Intellectual Property and Innovation management. She has experience of working across a broad range of innovation areas including drug discovery technologies, pharmaceuticals, biological therapeutics, vaccines, drug delivery, diagnostics, medical devices, functional foods, food technologies, medical imaging, bioinformatics, novel materials, medical software, databases, industrial processing, electronic devices, veterinary technologies and research instruments.
This is an event for all the startup and research community: we're waiting for your participation.
In partnership with Startup Braga, The Growth Series brings workshops with international expertise in growing a startup business, product and partners to reach international markets.