ExpoBiotec is back and sets the tone for the 1st Biotechnology Week in Braga

The Municipality of Braga, Startup Braga, CEB, DEB, INL, and CT-BIO come together to develop a set of initiatives related to the theme "Scaling Biotechnology", in what will be the 1st Biotechnology Week in Braga. This week will also include the VI Edition of ExpoBioTec and ExpoBioTecArt, organized by DEB/CEB. The program will take place at Startup Braga and some activities require prior registration. Full information here:

Biotechnology Week:

    April, 17th:

        2.30-3 pm | Biotechnology Week Opening Session

        3-3.30 pm| ExpoBiotecArt Opening Session

        4-4.30 pm | Workshop "Communicating Biotechnology through Art" (registration required 

     April, 18th:

         5.30 pm| 2 of Letra at Letraria de Braga

     April, 19th & 20th:


      April, 21st:

           9.30 am -1 pm | Workshop LabToMarket (registration required )

           2-4 pm | Mentorships

Expobiotec: (registration required )

    April, 19th:

        9.30-10 am| Opening Session

        10-12.30 pm| Biotechnology Companies and Clusters 

             10-11.15 am| Flash Presentations

             10.50-11.30 am | Roundtable "Scale a Biotech company from Braga: challenges and opportunities"

              11.30 am -12.30 pm| Speed Meetings

         2-3h15 pm | Regional Biotechnology Companies

               2-3.15 pm| Flash Presentations

         3.15-4 pm | Regional Biotech Startups

         4.30-5.30 | Speed Meetings

    April, 20th:

        9.30-10 am | Opening Session

        10-11 am | Environmental Biotechnology at CEB: from monitoring to environmental bioremediation

         11 am - 1 pm |Hybridization session for the emergence of new business models in biotechnology

         11.30 am -12.30 pm| Food Biotechnology at the CEB: From Food Security to the Food of the Future

         2-3 pm | Biotechnology applied to Health at CEB: Linking science, technology and engineering to boost the medical field

         3-4 pm | Industrial Biotechnology at CEB: engineering proteins for industrial sustainability

         4-5 pm | Informal Talks

         5-6 pm | "Verde de Honra"



  • Workshop "Communicating Biotechnology through Art"
    In today's world, science communication is more important than ever. By using the visual arts to communicate scientific ideas, we can connect with a wider audience and inspire people to take an interest in science. In this workshop on communicating science through the visual arts, we will explore how to use digital imagery to convey scientific concepts in an engaging and accessible way. We will learn how to tell stories and express ideas through images, using everyday objects and lighting to create representations of science.
  • Expobiotec:
    The Expobiotec 2023 - VI Fair of Biotechnology and Bioengineering, with the theme "Scale Biotechnology", intends to consolidate the symbiosis between academia and the business and industrial world, to emphasize the CEB research activities and to foster the interaction with our students and the Society, through a show of biotechnology, bioengineering and chemical engineering initiatives in the city of Braga.
  • LabToMarket Workshop
    In this session, we will deconstruct a pitch focused on the biotech area and see, individually, all the parts that make up a pitch: from problem identification, value proposition, business models, roadmap and milestones, etc. We will clarify some 'golden rules' and understand how to get this information in the context of our industry in order to convince potential investors, partners, and customers. During the afternoon (2pm to 4pm) we will have 1:1 sessions of 15min mentoring to advise pitches of existing projects.

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